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Asked and Answered: When Are You Going to Post Something New?

A couple months ago, someone asked:

When are you going to post some new stuff ?

First let me say that I'm flattered that anyone even noticed that I stopped posting stuff, and even more flattered that they weren't happy about it. So thanks. I appreciate you asking.

With that said, the answer is depressingly simple:

I have no idea.

I started Full Table Scan at a time when I was employed but largely unoccupied. Think wrist restraints of the precious metal variety. Boooorrrring. Combing my love of database technology and writing seemed an ideal way to pass the time.

When my employment nightmare finally came to an end, I decided to take some time off, enjoy my kids while they were still young, and finish the college degree that I had deferred after three very un-stellar years following high school. I took to doing some contract work part-time to grease the wheels and keep my brain from dripping out my ears, but largely I just checked out of society in general and specifically the database world.

A funny thing happened when I started doing contract work - I had to track how long I spent working. From there I would generate invoices, in order to get paid. As a result I became very conscious of where my time was spent and when I was spending time doing something other than playing with my kids. And that pretty much spelled the end of the posts to this blog.

I love databases, and I love to write, but I love my wife and kids a whole lot more. Given the choice between unpaid time with them and unpaid time writing blog posts, well... sorry y'all.

With the college degree finished and the children growing older, however, I've slowly increased the amount of time I spend working. (It's hard to spend time with kids who are in school most or all of the day.) I'm sure that I still don't count as a truly productive member of society, but then again I probably never did. Maybe some day I'll also get back into the habit of paying close attention to the database industry and recording my thoughts about it, but for now I think I'll keep plugging away at the more mundane problems my clients throw at me each day.

It certainly pays better.

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