Infobionics Knowledge Server Released; Product Overview Forthcoming

In one of those weird coincidences that life periodically throws at you, I got word a couple days ago that the Infobionics Knowledge Server, which I mentioned last September, has been officially released. Though the product overview still sounds a wee bit too good to be true, at least their web site now looks respectable. They've promised me an overview and a demo, so hopefully we'll have some answers before long.

Where's the coincidence, you ask? Late last week a product idea popped into my head and I immediately thought, "huh, that cellular DBMS thing would make a great way to implement that... if the thing actually works..." Two days later, I get an email from Infobionics about the release. Like I said, weird.

Sometimes weird turns into really great though. Time will tell.

Yet Another New Database: Infobionics Celluar DBMS

A reader recently tipped me off to the existence of Infobionics, a company that claims to have developed a "cellular DBMS" (or CDBMS). As a huge fan of Jeff Hawkins' book On Intelligence (as well as Numenta, the company it spawned) I've been contemplating brain-based database ideas for a while, so the possibility of somebody actually developing such a thing was pretty exciting to learn about.

Unfortunately, however, the web site is heavy on promises and light on information. The claims made therein are a bit too lofty to be realistic, I think. No database, heck no software product in general, could be great as they make this system out to be. And their "how it works" diagram is, well... entirely uninformative. They do claim to have people testing it though, so it must at least do something.

One other thing I found interesting was the brief biography of the system's inventor - Boris Gelfand - listed on the management team page. You only list someone as simply "the inventor" for publicity purposes, but I can find nothing about anyone named Boris Gelfand save a chess Grandmaster by that name. Anybody know something I don't?

It'll be interesting to see if this company and its concepts turn out to be legit. Time will tell, I think... these things have a funny way of making themselves clear.